Denallifa is a diverse world.

It is primarily populate by by elves and other sylvan races (Centaurs, Satyrs, ect).

History – The History of Denallifa
From time immemorial there have been hostilities between the Drow and the other elves (namely the Grey elves). Until recent history this hostility never resulted in war.
The Grey elves resided in great mountain side cities. The High elves lived in the plains, Valleys, forests and hills. The Qadi resided in the badlands and the mines, the Sylvan lived in the deep regions of the forest. They had little contact with the other elves unless they could avoid it. The Drow lived in caverns, tunnels and deep into the Underdark of the world. It was in this dark world below the surface that the Drow gave in to evil magic. With this power they built an army and returned en mass to reclaim the surface.
118 years ago the Drow lead a massive offensive against the Grey Elf castle town Formenya. For many years the Drow were held off. The Drow lost many of their men in battle and the females took up the leading roles in society. No one knows who she was, but an evil Drow sorceress tore a hole between this world and another. Then came into this world Spidrens, Kakkuu, Spithriku, Phisarazu, and other abominations of this kind. With these monsters on their side the Drow overtook Formenya and set their sights on Ondo Mindon. It was a far more formidable Grey elf city. The attack of the drow and their allies destroyed the plant life in the valley. To Ondo Mindon came elves from all around (including Droegil) this would be the last stand off of the surface elves against their blue enemies. Needing a greater power to breach the wall, the Drow Sorceress pulled through an amethyst dragon. Using dark magic she forced the dragon to attack the Grey elf citadel. After attacking the wall top defenses for a while the Dragon was able to regain her mind. She turned on the Drow and wiped out their forces. After making some preparations, the Amethyst dragon went to attack the Drow sorceress. Nothing is known of her fate except she did not return.


Frostlands – In the north, west of the Mountainous Divide, A frozen tundra.

Nothern Rockseer Kingdom – in the north, east of the Mountainous Divide, A relatively cold and infertile area.

Denallifa Irrana – A temperate land mass, directly south of the Frostlands. This is where the majority of the campaign takes place.

The Isle of Man – A small island in the southern sea. Primarily populated by humans.

Cities & Towns

City on the water – A swamp town inhabited by Goblins and Kobolds.

Den al Avarie – The home of the flying elves on the east shore of Denallife Irrana. Also houses the Academy of Non-offensive Magic

Ondo Mindonc (Den al Faerie) – The largest Grey Elf settlement on Denallifa Irrana. Before the war only Grey elves were allowed in, but now the City is open to all good races.

Den al Sylvani – The collective term for the Sylvan elf camps, because they move around and no one is able to get close enough to tell the difference between them.

Den al Qualinesti – The forest town once inhabited by Elves. It is now overrun with Goblins and Kobolds.

Galastanen – A mountain mining town started by Qadi and Grey elves. it is now inhabited by Goblins and Kobolds

Goodman Keep – A Human castle on the southern fields of Denallifa Irrana.

Port al Qualinesti – A High elf port town on the northern shore of Denallifa Irrana. It was destroyed during the War.

Port of Men – The Human port on the southern shore of Denallifa Irrana. Ruled by the baron of Goodman Keep.

Qadi Fields – the primary city of the Qadi, it borders the Desert of the Qadi on Denallifa Irrana.

Denaldreconus was once lush.

It is now a wasteland of burnt, cracked ground.

History – The History of Denaldreconus
From time immemorial there have been conflicts between the Dragons (namely the Chromatics and the Metallics).This constant conflict has always stressed the ecosystem, but it had always survived. The Chromatics arranged with the Metallics to make a peace treaty. In this treaty they bared out right attacks and conflicts. The primary Chromatics used the time of the treaty’s writing to obliterate all plant and animal life from the Metallic’s holdings. They did not know it then, but at that point they doomed their world to death. The Metallics did not retaliate because by the time they knew what had happened the treaty had been signed, and the Gold dragon was not willing to break it. So in this decaying world, the species did what they had to do to survive. Many beings went to a diet of mushrooms and other subterranean plants to survive. Dragon adapted to eating stones for nutreance. In a small out of the way corner of the world the Spidren were attempting to make it off of the world. With the help of extra planetary magic they opened a hole between their world and another. They passed through the portal and abandoned Denaldreconus. News of this transportation traveled quickly. Most everyone wished to leave the world. Many looked to find the means that the Spidron used to escape but no answer was found. Eventually a knowledgeable wizard determined that the only way to cross over was to have another force on the other side pulling you. Aloof to all this was an Amythist dragon. She had recently lost her mate and was in the woes of sorrow. Suddenly, there pulled on her this power from the other world. She attempted to resist it but soon gave in. She entered the other world. With this pulling,. the hole between the two worlds became greater, and the mesh that separated them was lessened. With enough power any being could force its way into the other world. Whole towns at a time pushed their way through.


The Keep of the Golden Dragon – An eminence tower on the Plains of Wuud

The Vault of the Gem Dragons – The location of the Gem dragons collective wealth. It was likely empty a long time ago.

The Cloud City of the Silver Kings – A shimmering white city that floats around at cloud level. is sometimes docks at mountains.

Fields of Ash – Where Acrumar the Gold and Delinos the Red battled. Now a desert of ashes.

The Expansive Waste – Where the Gem dragons and the Primal Dragons battled to near extinction. Nothing ever grows here.

Sheared Top Mountain – Once the home of the Imperial dragon dynasty, the top of the mountain was hewned off by Primal Dragon offensive.

The Underdark

the Underdark is a massive system of caves and caverns. it is said span the entire world. Both worlds Denallifa and Denaldreconus possess an Underdark


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