Ability Score Adjustments: Half-blood Yuan-ti have 6 variants as listed below. Regardless of body type all Half-bloods receive a +1 to dexterity and a -2 to charisma
1: Snake head: Get an additional Bite attack when in touch or short range combat. bite does 1d10 damage
2: Snake torso: +1 to saves involving dex
3: Snake tail (instead of legs): Constricting attack for 1d4 damage. strength contest for enemy to break.
4: Snake arms: Natural unarmed attacks do 1d6 damage
5: Snake skin: Natural Ac 7
6: Snake tail (with legs): Automatic success when climbing trees. Plus 30% on other climb checks

Ability Score Range:

Ability Score Range
Strength 3-18
Dexterity 4-19
Constitution 6-18
Intelligence 3-18
Wisdom 3-17
Charisma 3-14

Class Restrictions:
Class Max Level

Hit Dice: The largest die a Half-Blood can roll for HP is a d8.

Alignment: Yuan-ti Half-bloods tend toward Chaotic Evil, but the ones that tend to adventure deviate from this. PC half-bloods may be of any permitted alignment.

Natural Armour Class: 10

Background: The Half-bloods form the middle class in Yuan-ti society. Though not treated well by the abominations, the Half-blood have far better lives than the Purebloods. Day to day life requires that the Half-blood participate in his trade. what trade he practices is determined by his Abomination rulers. though this usually stays the same during a Half-blood’s life, it could change if other trades works die. The Abominations will do what they think is best for the Yuan-ti as a whole,with little care for how it effects the Half-bloods.
As a whole, the Yuan-ti are a theocracy devoted to evil. Their primary god is Merrshaulk. The Yuan-ti are divided into three sub-races. Abominations, Half-bloods and Purebloods. Their social value descending in that order. The Abominations rule absolutely, below them are the Half-bloods, who are considered the middle class. as the bottom are the Purebloods, who do all the menial labor. Yuan-ti cities vary in size from small tribes to massive empires.

Languages: Common, Yuan-ti

Role-Playing Suggestions: The Yuan-ti are an evil race. The rare exception might still tend toward this, or they might fight against this with all their will. Also the Half-bloods have serpentine mannerisms, licking the air, bobbing of the head, and so on.

Special Advantages: Half-bloods can detect poison on a successful save vs poison when rolled before the poising is used. they also have a +2 to saves against all poisons with an additional +2 for every five levels.

Special Disadvantages: Being cold blooded, Half-bloods have trouble regulating their body temperatures. In warm locations (over 85` F) the Half-blood must rest in shade for 30 minutes for every hour of activity. If this ratio is not met during a 12 hour period, then the Yuan-ti take a cumulative -1 on all checks and attack rolls, until he is able to get the required amount of shade and rest. Because they do not sweat, if a Half-blood spends more than 1 turn doing strenuous activity, in heat (85`F and over), they take a -1 to checks and saves. This can be removed by resting for 20 minutes in shade.

Monstrous Traits: Monstrous Appearance, even the most normal looking Yuan-ti Half-blood is an unnatural sight. Monstrous Habits. Half-Bloods cannot stop themselves from exhibiting snake like behavior. Because of these factors Half-bloods take a -4 on all reaction checks.

Superstitions: Snakes are venerated. Their presents is a good omen. A dead snake is a bad omen

Weapon Proficiencies: Any permitted by class.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: A Half-Blood must have a proficiency that represent’s its family’s place in the middle class of the yuan-ti. other proficiencies may be chosen as as desired


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