Character Creation


Roll 4d6 for all six stats. re-roll ones and remove the smallest roll. Assign the resulting stat rolls as desired.


The available races come for one of the two worlds. they have been divided below to represent this.

Available races from Denallifa include Alaghi, Beast man, Bullywug (Advanced), Centaur, Elves (Grey, Sylvan, High, Qadi, Rockseer), Goblin, Human, Orc (Normal, Half-, Ancestral), Satyr, Swanmay*

Available Races from Denaldrecus include Dragonborn, Dragon-kin, Half-Dragon, Kobold, Lizard man, Saurial (Backblade, Finhead, Flyer, Hornhead) Yaun-ti (Pureblood, Halfblood)

All races from Denaldreconus roll on the Honor table. Saurials (except Finheads), Kobold, and lizard men all take a -5 to their Birth Rank results.

*see the DM for more information.


The permissible PC alignments are LG, NG, CG, LN, and TN. Evil and CN alignments are not permissible because they are not in line with the campaign’s general feel.


Fighter, Ranger, Paladin, Barbarian, Priest, Druid, Mage, Specialists, Thief, Bard, Psionisist (DenalDreconus)


A list of kits for this campaign that are not found elsewhere.
Adventurer – A versatile bard kit.


All of the following gods can be used as patron deities


  • Bahomit – The god of good dragons. His symbol is the head and neck of a Ppatinum dragon.
  • Chronepsis – Deity of Fate, Death, and Judgment. His symbol is an unblinking draconic eye.
  • Hlal – The deity of humor and storytelling. Her symbol is an open book.
  • Lendys – The god of balance and justice. His symbol is a measuring scale.
  • Sardior – The patron of gem dragons and Psionisists. His symbol is a glowing ruby.
  • Tamara – Goddess of life, light, and mercy.


  • Corellon Larethian – “First of the Seldarine,” leader of the pantheon. The god of Magic, Music, Arts, Crafts, Poetry, and Warfare. His symbol was originally a crescent moon
  • Elebrin Liothiel – The god of orchards, gardens and the harvest. His symbol is a chestnut on top of a leaf.
  • Elistraee – Goddess of the moon. The former patron deity of the Drow. They have since abandoned her.
  • Hanali Celanil – The goddess of love and attraction. Her symbol is a gold heart
  • Loregiver , also known as The Maiden of Beauty is the Qadi Ancestor who wrote the laws by which the Qadi live. Most elves count her as a godess, but the Qadi do not.
  • Naralis Analor – god associated with healing, easing of pain, and death. His symbol is a shield bearing a white dove.
  • Rillifane Rallathil/Fenmarel Mestarine , god of nature. Considered the primary deity of the Sylvan, but the Sylvan themselves have no set name for their god of nature.
  • Solonor Thelandira – god of hunting, archery, and survival in wild and harsh places.His symbol is a silver arrow with green fletching, and his sacred animal is the stag.
  • Vandria Gilmadrith – goddess of war, justice, and grief. Her number of worshipers has increased of late. Her shrine in Den al Fearie replaced that of Ellstraee
  • Ye’Cind, demigod of music and magical songs. a Bardic god.

The Seldarine is the council of elven gods. The Seldarine includes Corellon Larethian, Elebrin Liothiel, Hanali Celanil, Naralis Analor, Vandria Gilmadrith,


  • Jazirian – The patron deity of the couatl. He is the god of community, peace, learning, fate and parenthood. Some reformed Yuan-Ti worship him. His priests never receive spells. Jazirian’s symbol is a couatl with its tail in its mouth.
  • Semuanya – the patron god/goddess of the Lizard men. In times of peace she is a female Fertility goddess. In times of war He is seen as a male Hunter warrior. The symbol of Semuanya is a single reptile egg.
  • Shargaas – The orc deity of darkness, night, stealth, thieves, and the undead. His symbol is a skull on a red crescent moon
  • Tlaloc – The Yuan-Ti god of of rain, fertility, and water. His holy symbol is free moving water.
  • Venit – The orc god peace. He is little worshiped. His symbol is a smooth brown leaf.

These gods are not available as PC patron deities, but there are still important.


  • Faluzure – Deity of Energy Draining, Undeath, Decay, and Exhaustion. His symbol is the skull of a dragon.
  • Garyx – God of fire, destruction, and renewal. As of late he has been leaving off this last part. his symbol is a flower with a fire behind it.
  • Tiamat – Goddess of evil dragons. Her symbol is a five headed dragon.


  • Aerdrie Faenya, primary deity of the Avariel, a god of magic.
  • Deep Sashelas, primary deity of the aquatic elves. God of creation, knowledge, beauty, and magic. His holy symbol is a Dolphin.
  • Tarsellis Meunniduin – the patron god of snow elves.


  • Grumish One-eye – The orc’s god of conquest and survival, An enemy of all elves. his symbol is the his missing eye.
  • Bahgtru – Orc god of strength and combat. His symbol is a pile of broken bones.
  • Merrshaulk – Yuan-Ti deity of poison and somnolence. His unholy symbol is a cobra’s head.
  • Luthic – Orc goddess of furtility and medicine, females and servitude. Her symbol is an orcish rune meaning “home.”
  • Yurtrus – The orc deity of death and disease.

Character Creation

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