The Den Campaign

First Meeting - Goblin/Kobold Siege

Omnipotent Third-Person Narrative

Upon Leaving the wall Droegil made her way to the south. She found the cave in which Skysong, the hatching amethyst dragon of the royal line. With Skysong was her hand maid, Darastrix. Together Droegil and Darastrix raised Skysong. When Skysong became Very Young (an age measurement of dragons), Drogil discovered a decline in the animal populace. After some investigation She discovered the culprit to be an overly high population of Goblins in the area. To combat this issue Darastrix set of fishing nets in the creek nearby. On a foraging excursion Droegil was ambushed by a troop of Goblins and Kobolds. Though they hurt her greatly, she was able to over take them with the help of Darastrix, who arrived when he heard the fighting. they retreated to the cave and set up defenses. over the next eleven days they played it safe. The farthest any of them went from the cave was Darastrix to check the fish nets. one such trip, when he picked up the net, Darastrix activated a kobold trap. He was was bound in his own net which the kogolds had enhanced with bone spikes. He called out. Droegil and Skysong came to help him. Skysone was instructed to stay in the cave, while Droegil went out to free Darastrix from the net. While she was cutting him free. a band of Goblins and Kobolds came at them. The monsters tried to separate them from the cave, but Droegil and Darastrix beat them there. Using their bows they over powered the monsters. the Kobolds retreated after half of their number died. the Goblin’s stayed and where all but two routed. Garastrix and Droegil looted the bodies and moved the loot into the cave.



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