Welcome to the Worlds Of Den

There are two Worlds. Denallifa in the world of the Elves. Here reside Elves of all kinds, Sylvan, High, Grey, Aquatic, Rockseer, Qadi, and due to a the multi-generational Elf war the Drow. Other Fey and non-Fey being reside here. There is even word of humans in the south.

The World of Denaldreconus is ruled by dragons. The two major faction, the Metallics and the Chromatics have the greatest influences. Dragonborn, Half-dragons, Dragon-kin, and a plethora of other draconic species populate this land.

These two worlds have come together. the population from the dying Denaldracons has spilled over into Denallifa. The full ramifications of this are not yet known, but many Denallifa natives wish to separate them again. Most of the people from Denaldraconus have have no wish to return to their native land.

The Den Campaign

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