Special Rules

General Game Mood

This game is intended to be a fantasy/Adventure/Romance game. Characters are encouraged to develop lives in the game. likes, dislikes, preferences, aversions, and fears should all be avoided. Remaining in character is preferred for the entire in game time.

DM and Player Interactions

The DM is a voiceless narrator. He is also the controler and voice of all NPCs. He cannot advise the players. He cannot directly control the players. He is not your ally. He is not your enemy. He is there to present a story. He will not coddle you.

The players and DM might disagree at times, this is normal. The player may plead his case, but the DM always has the final word. This is not intended to be mean, it’s just assures fairness.

Between sessions feel free to contact the DM. at this time you can talk out of Character about the Campaign, your character, and other elements of the game.

If PCs die, this is not to be blamed on the DM. If the DM believes himself to be at blame (by more than simply introducing story elements) he will make the situation right. The DM is sorry for your loss.


Honor is rolled by most of the player races from Denaldreconus. Please contact your Dm, so the two of you can work through the possess together.

Critical Fail.

When you roll a one (1) in combat on a d20 roll roll on the following table to see the result.

1: Enemy gets free attack at your rear AC
2: Enemy gets free attack at your rear AV
3: Enemy gets free attack at your shieldless AC
4: Enemy gets free attack at your Surprised AC
5: Enemy gets free attack
6: Loose remaining attacks this round
7: Strike self for full damage
8: Strike self for half (1/2) damage
9: Break weapon
10: drop weapon: 1d8 to determine direction
_______1: Front left ______5: Left side
_______2: Front center___6: Rear left
_______3: Front right_____7: Rear center
_______4: Right side _____8: Rear right
11: Hit ally full damage (refer to 7 if no ally is near)
12: Hit ally half (1/2) damage (refer to 8 if no ally is near)
13: Location specific (refer to 10 otherwise)
14-20: Just miss

Crit Hit

When you roll a natural 20, roll the die again. If that result is a 20, roll a d4 and consult following table. This is the part of the target body that is severed.


Post Script

When here remember not to be a jerk. if in this world, do not try straddle the other. this is a world of fantastic things. as such it requires your full attention. dragons HATE facebook, IPhones, and random laptops not holding active necessary data. They will climb out of Den roast your electronic distraction or eat your non-electronic distractions.

Special Rules

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