Aurix Maekrix

King of the Grey Elf city of Den al Faerie


The King of Den Al Faerie. He is a middle aged elf, with an exceptional physique. He has slightly tanned skin and kind yellow eyes. he has faded blond hair, and perfectly white teeth. When at court, he is dresses in his regal white and gold clothing. always sheathed at his side is an enchanted golden long sword. Rumors say this blade is a Holy Avenger or a Sun Sword. A kind and informal man at most times, the king can be very stern and commanding if need be.


Aurix became the King of Den Al Faerie after the Drow siege and the Amethyst dragon attack. During his short stent as king he has negotiated an uneasy peace with the Drow. Despite his age he has never married, but has a singular consort in the queen Vorel. The king seems to be a fighter/mage of high level. He likes to use mind reading spells and spells from the alteration school. He does not seem to know enchantment spells. As a fighter his skill is unknown. Even though he always has a long sword on his side and looks to be quite fit, he has never been observed engaging in melee combat.

Aurix Maekrix

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