The Den Campaign

The Portal Opens - Packing up

With the bodies looted, Gix healed himself and trance meditated for a full 24 hours. For the next several days there was no sign of kobold or Goblin activity. The party relaxed a little. One day at noon time, Skysong went to the front of the cave for fresh air. When she didn’t return Gix and Gil went looking for her. Gix smelled a familiar scent from one of the corners of the cave. Investigating he and Gil found newly formed tunnel. they saw sunlight at the other end. Gil called for Skysong, but got no response. They knocked arrows and advanced up the cave. at the mouth of the cave they found a small hill. Beyond the hill was a large valley. Though the overcast prevented some vision, they were able to find Skysong at the top of the hill. Skysong was staring transfixed at the other end of the valley. Gix and Gil looked to see what was there. They saw a giant reptilian monster. Though afraid Gix and Gil were able to steer Skysong back into the cave. when they reached their living space Gix told Gil that the monster they had seen was called The Tarrasque, the consumer of dead worlds. He also hypothisized that they had traveled through a portal to the dying world of Denaldraconus. While listening to the information, Gil heard canting from outside the cave. When she and Gix checked on it, they found a kobold shaman standing over their cave. with three arrows the shaman dropped. Gix searched the shaman’s body and found a carved wooden anchor along with the normal loot. the obvious magical nature of the anchor convinced Gix that this is what held the portal open. knowing that it would not be too volatile. he destroyed the anchor in the forge. It sizzled, popped and burnt. the portal remained open. At dinner the next day, Gix suggested that they make metal grates to close off the new side tunnel. They also talked about perhaps moving to the another location, but this idea was put to the side since their cave was still very defensible. They did however decide to get a magic ring made for Skysong so she could remain is elven form for prolonged periods of time. Gil decided to set out the next day to get the ring made in Den Al Faerie (the Grey Elf City she had lived in during the war). before they finished eating there was a big boom from the front of the cave. they heard swearing in an unfamiliar tongue. when they reached the mouth of the cave, they found the front of the forge blown off. Running away from the cave where three goblins. one was still on fire, and the other two were singed. Gil and Gix killed two of them. the last one got away. Gil agreed to stay one day while Gix repaired the forge.
Three and a half days brought Gil within half a day of the city. At this point on the road Gil met a man who greeted her as “Elf.” She was taken aback and asked what he was that he would refer to her as “elf.” He said he was a dragon. She doubted him. he said he wished to train her to use her innate magic. She wanted to know how he knew she had magic. he simply pointed to himself and said magic. She asked what he was to get out of the deal. He said he wished her to help him take care of a dragon problem. She had no wish to kill dragons, and turned him down. He said he would prove he was a dragon and give her a better reason to take his offer when she returned this way after visiting the town. Gil went on.
Once admitted into the town. Gill bunked with her family at the Trading Post (her father Einrí, elder brothers Dálach and Dempsey, and younger brother Aoilfe). The next morning she visited the enchanter Powers who worked with his mother Meallán. Gil gave him the specification for the ring and the silver to make it out of. He told her the cost of the ring, 6,000 GP. Gil extricated the coinage required from her bosom where she had it hidden. This answered the question in Power’s mind about her unusually large chest (a large chest in it’s own right bit made larger by the hidden coins)before leaving the shop Gil was told about the bounty the king’s palace had put on the Goblins and Kobolds. She went up to the castle to see about the bounty. After a three hour wait she met with the king’s steward. he was a rough dressed man with an attitude. after talking about the bounty for a short time the bounty, the steward seemed to take a long time to decide what to say. He then tells Gil to go out the door to the left and go to the top floor. from there she was to go to the front of the castle and enter the big double doors. As she left the Great hall she heard the steward comment on his dislike of chickens. She also heard one flutter about as it entered the room behind her.
When she arrived at her destination, she found herself in a large, marble throne room. Seated on the throne was the King bedecked in golden colored clothing. He greated Gil by her full name and gave her the titles of Goblin Slayer and Dragon Chosen. He recognized that the Amethyst Dragon had chosen Gil specifically during the fight at Den Al Fearie. He asked Gil if she was interested in carrying out a series of missions for him that would hopefully destabilize the alliance between the kobolds and goblins. Gil asked what her compensation would be. He told her he would provide room and board in the top floor of the castle and 20 gold per week, per member of her adventuring party. She declined gold reimbursement in favor of payment in gems. The king asked if she had then agreed to take the job. Gil answered that she needed a month to think it over and talk with her group. She also told the king about the portal that formed in the cave. The king told her the history of how the walls between the worlds is getting thinner and now even a kobold shaman can open a hole. The king dismissed her from the room. Gil attempted a curtsy and left.
After picking up the ring from Powers (who she nicked nicknamed Pow pow) Gil returned on her way home. A days travel south she saw a new hill. from behind the hill a dragon’s head emerged. It’s tail unfurled as it turned to Gil. the dragon asked if she believed him now. She said yes and asked him to return to human form. He did so. he told her that he needed her to do subterfuge against four Chromatic dragons Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. She wondered why he would look to her for help. He said he needed the kind of sneakiness found only in small beings like herself. She questioned why she’d put herself into harms way for him. He let her know that she was already in harms way. He further stated that on her way home she would pass through two dragon hunting grounds. The loose dirt of the Yellow dragon and the shaded cliffs of the Blue dragon. When questioned about his trustworthiness, he admitted that he wasn’t. But that he still had need of her and that would keep him from turning on her. She told him she’d need a month to think it over. she walked on the rest of her trip weary of the dragons nearby.
when she arrived home she told Gix and Skysong all that she done and seen in the city. Gix agreed to the kings offer. Skysong liked the idea as well. When Gil mentioned the dragon on the road, Gix was able to identify it as a brown dragon. he knew that the dragon would not be trust worthy for too long, but that he would keep his word while she still profited him. having set the course to go to the town, they began to pack.



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