The Den Campaign

Sundering with Friends

While de-unifying the Qadi mountain city of Galastanen, the party discovered and freed a wizard by the name of Sal. With his help they caused civil war in the city, and a fair amount of property damage. from there they caused the kobolds to kill off all of the goblins in the joint swamp city. The last stop on their path brought them to the upper Underdark. There, after several days of religious mockery, they caused chaos, and left the city in complete ruin.

Their mission complete they returned to Den al Farie. Sal became an adviser to King Aurix Maekrix. Gil, Gix, and Skysong stayed in the castle for the next several years. durring that time Gix made masterfully crafted Sword for the three of them and filled the castle armory with not so masterful attempts. thus ended the first chapter of The Den Campaign.



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