The Den Campaign

Sundering the Forest Town - Arriving at the Mountain Town

Gill took the potion she had taken from the kobold woman and planted it in the goblin Shaman’s hut. The next day, the kobold woman made it well know that she had been stolen from. every house in the community was searched. Gimrick told the woman that he had looked forward to using the potion with his, and was sad it was gone. she knew he was lying, but did not detect his involvement in the heist. the potion was discovered in the Shaman’s hut. he claimed he didn’t know how it got there but he was not believed. he returned the potion, but the trust between the two races was damaged.
Next Gill seduced a goblin who owned plate armor. She took him into the woods and tried to kill him. He ran away, but met Gix’s blade. They hid his gear, and left him there (pronounce there as th-ear) thus ends the short poem. Durring this Skysong played with the goblin children. She didn’t like this pass time, but accepted it as necessary for their cover. Gill returned to town looking as if she had lay with the shiny goblin. She spread the rumor that she was with child. She then became a more subtle sewer of discord among the goblin women.
the next day Gix, Gimrick, and the kobold archer went hunting the next day. Gix guided them to the the squirrel nest that Gill had hidden the armor in. under the pretense of shooting at a squirrel, Gix shot and struct the armor upon hearing it clang, they investigated and retrieved the armor. They divided it and stashed it back at their dwellings, then went out hunting again. They caught a gopher.
Another kobold hunting party found the dead goblin body. accusations shot back and forth from goblin to kobold and kobold to goblin. Upon inspection of the kobold swords, one of them was found to have blood on it. The goblins demanded that the owner be put to death. the kobolds said they would take care of judgment themselves. With a little push from Gix and Gill all out war broke out between the goblins and kobolds. After making sure the fight was going well, Gill, Gix, Skysong, Gimrick, and Lizzy left. Gix collected his gloves and Gimrick returned to Den al Faerie.
They set off for the former Qadi town of Galastanen. As they neared it, they sent Gix ahead to scout out the kobold side of the city. Gill and Skysong waited a day outside before coming into the city. They took up residence in an empty house in the Goblin district.



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