The Den Campaign

Making Rings and Breaking Treaties

After capturing the kobold and the goblins, Gil, Gix, and Skysong returned to Den Al Faerie. There the king had the enchanters make the polymorph rings. The king also added the silver dragonborn Gimrick saying both that he was a loan from King Orn, and that he was using him for this mission as a favor for King Orn. After a week of waiting. Gill, Gix, Gimrick, and Skysong used the Polymorph rings and set off for the ruins of Den Al Qualinesti. after two days of travel they came to the city. they first went to the Kobold leader and told him that the Goblin leader wanted to take the his treasure. The kobold leader was outraged, and vowed to defend what little he had. Then they went to the went to the goblin leader and told him that the Kobold intended to to siege the goblins and take the pearl that the goblin acquired of late. indignant, the goblin leader demanded that they prepare for siege. on the advice of Drogil, the Goblin leader also sent raiders at the kobold housing to take their treasure. After the stage was set, Gimrick set the plan in motion. He, while looking like the kobold leader, took a kobold hunting hunting party out. After the party left, the goblins moved in to take the treasure. They were then attacked by the kobolds that stayed behind. Gimrick told his hunting party to make a charge at the goblins’ main building. After some discusion the kobolds finally set to attack the goblins. As they ran to the goblin base, Gimrick left the party and changed out of his disguise. he, Gil, Gix and Skysong rendezvoused outside of the city. Gimrick said he need to get his stuff from inside the city. the party went to the kobolds’ base. To get his items out of the back room, Gimrick, in dragonborn form, put goblin form Gil thought the window. At the same time the Kobolds retreated to the back room from the advancing goblins. As she picked up Gimrick’s armor and sword the kobolds spotted her. she ran as fast as she could. She requested urgently for Gix to pull her out. He did so before she was attacked by the kobolds. as this was happening, Gimrick untied his lizard from the front of the building. Two goblins came to investigate. Gimrick let go of the lizards ropes and told it to attack the goblins. It did so. After Gix and Gill arrived to help, the two goblins were quickly killed. Gill, Gix, Gimrick, Skysong, and Lizzy (the lizard) left while the goblins and kobolds where still fighting.

They made their way into the Forest on to the next objective location. once inside the town. Gimrick proved his value to the kobolds by besting their leader in combat. After this Gimrick sighed on as his personal body guard. Gil and Skysong went to the goblin shaman of the town and said that they were refugees from the port town. They said that the kobolds there had subjugated the goblins. Skysong gave a convening teary eyed warning that the same thing would happen there and many of the goblins were willing to consider the threat. Gimrick leaned that the kobolds possessed the all of the potions in the town. he pretended like he had had a bad potion at one time and suggested that the kobolds let him check to make sure that their potions weren’t bad. The kobolds agreed and Gimrick leaned the location of one of the potions. He told this to Gil. That night she snuck into the kobolds hows and took the potion from her nightstand.



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