The Den Campaign

City Arrival - Goblin/Kolbold-napping

After packing up their transportable supplies, Gil, Gix, and Skysong set off for Den al Faerie. four uneventful days of travel brought them there. Once in town they spent the evening with Gil’s parents. Before going to bed Gix was able to teach Dempsey to guard his thoughts against being mind read. the rest of the evening, the night and the next morning passed uneventfully. Once finished with Breakfast and other preparations, Gix, Gil, and Skysong trekked up to the castle. A guard instructed them to go to the great hall to voice their complaint or concern to the King’s Steward. Gil told him that the were there by request of the king. The guard was skeptical. Gil told him to ask the king, using the telepathic connection she had seen the King use with the Steward. the Guard became even more skeptical, because he did not know the king possessed this power. A messenger came down, and said that they were in fact invited by the king. The guard let them pass. They ascended to the top of the tower. They entered the throne room. On the thrown was seated the king. he stood and welcomed them in. He helped them get situated in the rooms provided them in the castle. when they had determined their rooms of choice, and to keep their treasure trove in Gil’s room, the king gave them a tour of the castle. He gave them necklaces that signified they were of the court, so as to avoid future confusion with the guards. He told them to meet him in the sitting room after they had a look around the castle
In the sitting room, Gil, Gix and Skysong met wit the king and a youthful looking middle aged elven woman with large Blue eyes and shiny pale skin. Gil asked for an introduction, and the king introduced the woman as Vorel the queen. and he further gave his own name as Aurix Maekrix. He then went on to describe Gil and Gix’s mission. he summed up the threat of the Goblins and Kobolds. He he gave new information about how he has tricked the Goblins and Kobolds into taking magically tracked gems. using these magical gems he determined that there were five primary basses of the Goblin/Kobold alliance. In order in infiltrate these location to “sew seeds of discord” Gix, Gil, and Skysong would have to be poly-morphed into Goblin and Kobold forms. To properly enchant this spell on a ring with a a good level accuracy, the King instructed Gil and Gix to kidnap a goblin and a Kobold alive. He give them directions to know goblin and kobold hunting grounds. he also gave them a magical recording device and told them to use it to get a sample of the Goblin and Kobold speak patterns in normal context.
The next morning Gix, Gil, and Skysong (because she didn’t want to be bored alone in the castle) headed north across the wasteland to the river. a day and a half of traveling brought them to a band of Goblins and Kolbolds who were celebrating the kill of a boar. the party activated the recording device and hid behind some nearby trees. the Goblins and Kobolds carried their kill across the river and to their camp. Gil, Gix, and Skysong followed the Goblins and Kobolds to their camp. When the monsters finished eating they all slept in their makeshift camp. after they had been sleeping a while Gil, sneaked into their camp and tries to kill some of them while they were sleeping. Failure to move silently awoke some of the Kobolds. Gil struck at the nearest one. Gix and Skysong shot arrows at the awakening enemies. the battle continued and the party was able to take one Kobold and one Goblin alive, but much blood was spilled on both sides. they tied up the monsters and began the trek home.



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